Dina Vitantonio
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Speaker + Educator

Dina Vitantonio

One of the most captivating teachers on Personal Energy and Magnetism, Dina pours 125% of herself and her vast wisdom into each workshop or group, like it’s her last. Combined with her radiant personality and intuitive gifts you cannot help but be drawn in by her lovable nature and passion for her work.  Dina is a highly sought after talent especially among those interested in the metaphysical, including professional circles, small business owners and societal “influences”, anyone interested in learning how to capture opportunity and reaching higher levels of “hidden” potential within.

For years, Dina has studied the Science of Energy, also known as Metaphysical Science, under the tutelage of one of the world’s most influential persons, especially adept in the world of ancient wisdom, extinct languages and civilizations. She is a natural leader and teacher.

Consciousness Cafe

Consciousness Cafe was started by Dina Vitantonio almost a year ago in her New York City studio apartment. The idea grew so fast, she had to turn people away because there simply wasn’t enough room in her 20x40 studio.  Dina laughs as she recalls, “we were packed like sardines, sitting shoulder to shoulder and row by row. There was standing room only. It was incredible. We were literally busting out of the door. And yet, everyone stayed and listened attentively. At that point, I knew people were starving for more…”

The idea was to bring like minded people together, while promoting the vision and work of many different disciplines all centering around the concept of Consciousness. Energy workers, esoteric professionals, conscious companies are all featured during the first half and last hour of the evening in what is called the marketplace. The marketplace  was designed to be experiential and encourage people to discover: facilitate discussions, make new connections and try one of the offerings available that month. For a small donation (optional) anyone can have a 10-15 minute session with a reader of sorts, an energy practitioner or learn about a product or special service that is related to expanding the individual and collective awareness.

The overall mission of “The Cafe” is to focus on topics related to the theme of Consciousness and what it means in this day and age, while raising the collective spirit of humanity through  sharing of knowledge. Contact us if you would like to be considered as a speaker or volunteer at The Conscious Cafe!

Conscious companies are also given the opportunity to showcase their products during the marketplace by offering complimentary samples such as food or refreshments. To be considered: a company must offer a benefit to humanity through the sale of their service or product other than it being simple for sale. For example, a company that uses only organic products, is Sustainable, Fair Trade, Biodynamic, Energy Infused… and so on and so on. A company must make a case for them to be considered a viable option for the Conscious Cafe. And, they must meet the criteria set forth in our mission.

During the marketplace the company sponsor talks to Cafe participants about their goods, company philosophy; including their contribution to humanity and consciousness. At the close of the evening, guests are given a FREE gift bag filled with a variety of samples, coupons and information about the company, its mission and product details as well as other sponsors. Gift bags are given each event to attendees.